London Companion Book, 2023 & PRIEST Zine, 2023:Notice of lottery sale

London Companion Book, 2023 & PRIEST Zine, 2023 :抽選販売のお知らせ - Hunt Tokyo
Notice of lottery sale

14,300 yen tax included + shipping
※Sold as a set of 2 books。
Hunt Tokyo will hold a lottery sale with a limited quantity of only 10 sets.。

This is a limited edition culture book that can only be purchased at HUNT TOKYO in Japan.。

<Beyond The Streets & Saatchi Gallery: London Companion Book, 2023>
Full color hardcover/585 pages
23.5 x 28.6 x 4.4 cm

Official book for the Beyond the Streets exhibition to be held at Saatchi Gallery in 2023の公式書籍
This exhibition is a journey through the history of graffiti and street art, from the artists who helped found the movement.から、
Introducing artists who have revolutionized this movement in recent years.。

<PRIEST PRIEST Zine, 2023>
PRIEST Zine, 2023
Soft Cover, 52 Pages
13.9 x 21.6cm
Limited First Edition of 100

We're excited to offer a glimpse into the active and wide-ranging career of graffiti writer PRIEST in this new zineます。
This zine is limited edition and will not be reprinted in the future.ん。

■Lottery sales application period
November 3rd (Friday) 11:00 ~ November 5th (Sunday) 23:59

■Winner notification schedule
November 8th (Wednesday) 12:00pm ~

■How to apply for lottery sale
1.The lottery will be held only on the new Hunt Tokyo site (there will be no lottery on the STORES site))
Click here for the URL:
Please enter the necessary information on the product purchase page. Proceed to payment for 0 yen. Once payment is completed, lottery application is complete.完了。

2. Sign up for the simple e-mail newsletter by entering your e-mail address and receive the lottery e-mail.い。
You can register for the e-mail newsletter from the green POP on the shop page.。
If you have already registered, there is no need to re-register.。

3. Go to the relevant product page and complete the payment for 0 yen to complete your application.す。

■How to purchase
The payment cart URL will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of application between 12:00 on Wednesday, November 8th and 23:59 on Sunday, November 12th for those who are selected.す。
*The payment URL is for your own use only.。
*If payment is confirmed by someone other than the person in question, the transaction will be canceled.。
*If payment is not made within the stated period, the order will be treated as cancelled.。
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations after payment has been made.い。

■About the second lottery
*If payment is not made during the purchase period and a canceled item is issued, a re-lottery will be held and you may be contacted after 12:00 on Monday, November 13th.す。
*If the re-lottery is cancelled, regular sales will take place.。

■About shipping
All items will be delivered by delivery.。
*Items will be shipped sequentially from November 13th (Monday) onwards. Please note that depending on the case, shipping may be earlier or later.いませ。
*Shipping charges will be charged separately.。
*Please note that we cannot accept requests for delivery dates and times.せ。

*Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the customer's convenience after winning.ます。
*This lottery application is limited to one application per person. Multiple applications will be invalidated.ます。
*Lottery sale items and other items cannot be purchased at the same time.。
*Customers who apply using a method different from the application method may have their application invalidated during the application period.す。

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